About Comomg


For children. “Play” is a natural part of daily life and is as important as eating and sleeping. Toys are the catalyst for that play, and they are also the tools that nurture that play.

“For Better Smiles for Children”

Based on this philosophy, Comogm pursues the infinite potential of children and aims to further improve the living environment for children by providing wooden toys.

Management Principles

Bring bright smiles to children’s faces

  • Our wooden toys stimulate children’s independent play, imagination, and relationship with the world around them. They are sources of enjoyment and original play experiences.
  • We are committed to producing unique toys that cannot be found anywhere else. We will keep improving our craft and setting new standards for value as industry leaders. We will deliver the results of our growth and experience to our community and society at large.
  • We consider all our employees, customers, and business partners to be valued “fans” of our company. We keep on building relationships with our fans to bring them happiness and satisfaction. We see it as our responsibility to help create a richer society, which we can pass on to the children who will lead the future.

Origin of Comomg

The wooden toys we propose are tools for daily life that children touch in their daily lives.
In the future, we will continue to pursue our commitment to toys as our mainstay, and also expand our vision to include lifestyle tools, such as playground equipment, furniture, tableware, bedding, and stationery.
We want to improve the living environment for children through the creation of unique products that we are proud of. With this in mind, we decided to name our company “Comomg”.

“Comom” has the meaning of “child + mam”.
The name “Comomg” reflects our belief that what we propose is a special way of life for children, mothers and children, parents and children, and families, helping them to spend precious time together.

History of Comomg

Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. Comomg was born in 2003 in a manufacturing town where casting is a thriving local industry. Mr. Komatsu’s family, who is also the founder of the company, has a 50-year history of making wooden molds in Kawaguchi. Komatsu himself was involved in making wooden molds before opening his own business and cultivated his grounding as a craftsman, so Kawaguchi’s manufacturing has become the backbone of Comomg today.
Not limited to wooden molds. We are proud of the careful and beautiful Japanese craftsmanship that is accepted around the world. From Kawaguchi to the world by changing from local industry. The reliable technology and mindset nurtured in the city of manufacturing has been transformed from wooden molds to toys and passed on to the children who will lead the next generation.

Company History

20032003 Exhibited at “The 2003 International Toy Fair” in Nuremberg, Germany
“Toy Comomu” opened for business
20042004 Exhibited at “The 2004 International Toy Fair” in Nuremberg, Germany.
20052005 Won the TV Champion “Rubber Band Craft King Championship”
20062006 Certified as Good Toy 2006
Donguri Korokoro Series (3 items)
Comom Doll Series (3 items), 6 items in total
20112011 Renewal of the entire lineup
Certified as Good Toy 2011 for Tuminy
20132013 Certified as Kawaguchi Good Product (i-mono) brand
20142014 Certified as Good Toy 2014 for Tapnet
20162016 Established “Omocha no Comomu” (Comomu Toy Manufacturing) Co., Ltd.
20182018 Certified as Kawaguchi Recommended Souvenir
20192019 Changed the company name Comomg Co., Ltd/
20202020 Certified as National Souvenir Award
Certified as a company with diverse work styles
Certified as Kawaguchi City Community Contribution Business
Certified as a Saitama Prefecture SDGs Declaration Company
Gold Prize, National Calendar Exhibition, Minister of Education, Culture,

Company Outline

Established on:May 6, 2016
Representative:Representative Director Kazuto Komatsu

Room 4-6-6-5, Motogo, Kawaguchi City, Saitama 332-0011, Japan

Operating Site:Official Site:https://comomg.co.jp
Online Shop:https://comomg.jp
Ekkyou EC Site:https://comomg.com
Yahoo Shop:https://shopping.geocities.jp/comomg
Capital:3 million yen
Business DescriptionManufacture and sale of wooden toys
Manufacture and sale of wooden playground equipment, furniture, and miscellaneous goods
Conducting events, craft classes, etc.