bright smiles
to children's faces


ABOUTBring bright smiles to children’s faces

They’re for the children ... Play is an important part of a natural life, and is as important for children as food and sleep.
Providing toys gives adults a chance to stimulate kids’ play and give them tools that nurture it.
Based on our desire to create “Toys that light up children’s faces”,
we explore the infinite possibilities of stimulating children’s minds.
We hope that by providing excellent wooden toys we can make ever more improvements in children's play environments.

Wooden Toys

Nurture children's "independence", "imagination" and "relationships”.
A wooden toy that combines just one such simple function

The Creators

We want to be both a designer who can think of toys and a craftsman who can make them. The staff working at Comomg are professional creators who specialize in wooden toys. We are engaged in this work with pride and passion, so that the impressions of those who hold them in their hands will be as great as possible.

A tale of Donguri Korokoro

Donguri Korokoro is an original character of Comogm created by designer Kazuto Komatsu in 2004.
We tried to create a character with a soft and simple expression that would not interfere with a child's imagination, but would make them want to be around him/her all the time.

Comogm Initiatives

n one of the sentences in the philosophy of Comogm, the phrase "value enhancement and creation” is used.
Rather than simply manufacturing products, we are working to improve the natural environment and the working environment through our own business, and are striving to create a company that many people will agree with.
Our goal is to create a better tomorrow where children, who bear the future, can live with smiles on their faces.

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Daily life in the workshop