Bringing cheerful
smiles to children


More...Bringing cheerful smiles to children

It's important to know that the act of "playing" is a natural part of a child's daily life--
something that is just as important as eating and sleeping in fostering their growth.

Toys are not only a catalyst for play,
but also a tool for nurturing the act of playing.

At Comomg, our goal is to further improve children's daily living environment by pursuing children's infinite potential and providing wooden toys.

Wooden Toys

Nurturing children's independence, imagination, and relationship-building skills.
This single wooden toy combines all purposes into one.


We seek to be both designers who can invent toys, and craftsmen who can bring them to life. Our staff are professional craftsmen make each one by by hand using paint that is safe even if the baby licks it.
Great for baby gifts,birthday gifts,and also as an interior decoration.

The Story of Donguri Korokoro

"Donguri Korokoro"
is an original character
that was created by the Designer Kazuto Komatsu in 2004.

Kazuto tried to create a character that will not interfere with children's imagination--
one that has a simple and soft expression,
a kind of character that anyone would be comfortable having close to them at all times.

Our Efforts

Comomg uses the phrase "enhancing value and creation" as one of its philosophies.
This means that rather than simply manufacturing products, we work to improve the natural environment as well as our workplace environment through our business, and are striving to create a company where many people can be proud of.
Our goal is to create a better world where children--those who carry the future--can continue living with cheerful smiles on their faces.

Life at the workshop