Together with the Community

With the community

Aiming for a better society and region with Kawaguchi, a city of manufacturing

The predecessor of Comomg was a town factory of “wooden molds” that made molds for casting, a local industry in Kawaguchi City. The mindset of Kawaguchi, a city of manufacturing, is certainly alive and well in all of us. We pass on this mindset of manufacturing to the next generation, and together with Kawaguchi, we build a better society and a better environment.


“Donguri Korokoro”, a Kawaguchi specialty and Kawaguchi souvenir

The toy “beigoma” was born from casting. The “Donguri Korokoro” was born from the wooden molds used to make the beigoma. The techniques and mindset cultivated in wood molding are incorporated into this small toy. We don’t want our children to grow up thinking that there is nothing in this town. We want people to feel proud that the town is the birthplace of a famous product that everyone knows. Kawaguchi’s specialty products and souvenirs are wooden toys that children are excited to hold in their hands. Our goal is to create and promote the world’s most advanced local toys.

Donguri Korokoro is awarded “NIPPON OMIYAGE AWARD”, “Kawaguchi Recommended Souvenir”, “Kawaguchi I-MONO Brand” and “Good Toy”, etc. Donguri Korokoro has received numerous certifications.


Conveying the joy of manufacturing

In the past, Kawaguchi was dotted with town factories, and people’s lives and manufacturing were close at hand. The factory was filled with sounds and smells, and if you looked through the windows, you could see the craftsmen sweating their foreheads as well as using their skills. Times have changed, and things are not the same as they were back then, but Comomg’s factory is always open for visitors to see the manufacturing site, hoping to bring manufacturing and daily life closer together.
The window of the store attached to the factory allows visitors to look inside the factory and see the skills of the craftsmen who manufacture the products. During the regular factory tours, craftsmen explain the machines and operations and interact with the participants.
We also hold workshops at the factory on a regular basis. We teach the children in the community the fun of woodworking and making things through making wooden toys.
We also hold classes at local high schools to teach students the meaning and fun of working and to make manufacturing an option for the next generation of young people.

Comomg Factory Tour and Workshop


Machinoki Project

We are developing products using wood that would otherwise be discarded in the local Kawaguchi area. Although there is no forestry industry in Kawaguchi, which is an urban area, a large amount of standing trees and miscellaneous wood are cut down and disposed of every day. We are developing and manufacturing products using wood harvested in the city. For products made from city-grown wood, priority is given to consumption and distribution in Kawaguchi City. Value not only the global but also the local. We are working to build a local cycle from raw materials to manufacturing to consumption.