2030 Vision

2030 Vision

Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Play (The Three Basic Necessities + Play)

And life full of smiles and inspiration for both children and adults.


(1) Become a company and people who are friendly to the earth, for a greener future

(SDGs 7: Energy for all and clean energy, 13: Take concrete action towards climate change, 14: Preserve the abundance of the oceans, 15: Preserve the abundance of the land)

■We are grateful for trees and forests, and give back to wooded regions through projects such as material selection and tree-planting lessons.

■We will conduct activities to show the abundance and importance of trees to as many children as possible.

■We will create a workplace with many people who have passion, ideas, and ample knowledge about wood and timber.

■We will make effective use of scrap wood and industrial waste to reduce wood waste.

■We will create an environment where guests who visit the company can interact with both our products as well as a variety of trees through hands-on activities as well as tree planting.


(2) Become a company that is loved by the community

(SDGs 11: Create cities that people can continue to live in)

■We will create opportunities and organize events for employees to interact with various companies, and build companies and a community where young people can be confident to settle in.

■We will hold study sessions and consultations for those with small children, and help contribute towards a fun experience in child-rearing.

■We will set up a cafe and play space, and hold regular events to make the company a place where the community can gather to relax.


(3) Create a society where play is the norm, and deliver toys to children around the world

(SDGs 1: End poverty, 4: Quality education for all, 10: End inequality among people and nations)

■We will make our company a welcomed workplace for people who bear in mind an environment that children around the world can trust in.

■We will support and nurture the lives of children around the world through donations of toys and picture books, and invite supporters to join us.


(4) Create items that can be passed down from parents to children, and from children to grandchildren

(SDGs 12: Responsibility in creating, and responsibility in using)

■We will continue the gentle and beautiful Japanese art of creating by refining our minds, acquiring more skills, and carefully selecting materials.

■We will make our company a wonderful place to work for people with a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and passion for making toys for children.

■We will collaborate with other brands, local companies, and toy craftsmen to popularize the techniques and traditions of toy-making.

■We will promote Donguri Korokoro as a local toy from Kawaguchi City.


(5) Grow with the ever-changing times and provide reliable services

■We will continue to establish a system that enables us to distribute information and cutting-edge strategies together with the sales and public relations department.

■We will also seek out and employ sales methods that can touch people’s heart in addition to online sales.

■We will build relationships which are reliable and based on mutual trust with stores that our employees are in charge of.


(6) Create an environment where people can work comfortably and reach their highest potential

■We will establish an environment for manufacturing which combines traditional as well as the latest techniques.

■We will provide an environment and operation manuals to uphold safety principles, which will allow employees to feel comfortable and start working on the first day.

■We will create a comfortable, bright, and spacious environment where people can rest when necessary.

■We will completely base our vision of our manufacturing sites from the perspective of customer satisfaction and for the development of the next generation.

■We will have supervisors in charge of each step of the manufacturing process, as well as supervisors who oversee the entire manufacturing process.


(7) Create a workplace where employees and their families can live mentally and physically healthy lives

(SDGs 3: Health and well-being for all, 8: Job satisfaction and economic growth)

■We will achieve 0 hours of overtime for employees, and a 100% rate of paid holidays used (excluding executives of the company).

■We will regularly hold events such as social gatherings and company trips for employees and their families in order to encourage interaction within the company and families.

■We will expand the scope of our housing allowances and establish systems such as working from home and bringing children to work, so that employees can choose where to work, and maintain regular employment even with changes in their family circumstances.

■We will establish a system that enables employees to take all types of leaves, including childcare and caregiving leaves, regardless of gender and who they are, and build a company culture in which anyone can use this system at any time.


(8) Build relationships where people can grow together and acknowledge each other

■We will establish a system where our employees can search for future colleagues through job postings and be the ones to hire new employees themselves.

■We will build an encouraging environment where coworkers can mutually encourage each other and live an earnest life.

■We will incorporate learning opportunities such as training, study sessions, and tours into our work, and provide opportunities to share opinions and apply the skills learned within the company.

■We will have an award system and meetings where employees can present about their dreams and goals in order to recognize each employee’s individual activities. Employees will also be able to share more about their dreams and receive as well as give advice during these meetings. With this, we will build relationships where people can rely and count on each other.

■We will build a company where every employee is always appreciated by other coworkers in the company.


(9) Build a company where everyone can choose their own way of working–one that suits each person’s needs

(SDGs 8: Job satisfaction and economic growth)

■We will develop a career sheet and evaluation system which allows employees to obtain appropriate positions and salaries according to their work styles and achievements.

■We will establish an organizational structure with divisions and sections for each specialized field, and appoint managers and executives to these positions.

■We will actively work to employ a diverse range of people, regardless of age or disabilities.


(10) Dream big and create our own future

■We will create a workplace where those who believe in their own potential can constantly challenge themselves at work.

■We will make the company into a place where employees are free to do whatever they want to do, whether that is starting their own brand or business within the company.

■We will build a company where one or more employee is well-known in the industry.


(11) Become a company that continues to take on challenges and lead the next generation of leaders

■We will select the next candidates for management who will become a team of leaders for the next generation. Together, these leaders will work as a team to develop an even more exciting vision for the next 10 years.


(12) Aim for a business that will continue for 100 years by investing a reasonable amount of profit to the future

■■We will achieve 300 million yen of sales, 8% of operating income, and 80% ratio of value-added.

■We aim to become an organization with 30 employees (12 full-time, and 18 part-time employees).


(13) Manage the company with ample resources to weather all changes

■We will achieve principal funds equivalent to six months of gross profit, and an equity ratio of 50%.




Comomg Co., LTD. is working towards achieving SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are also connected to its 2030 Vision,
for the future and for the children.
We will work together with all people through our business,
and follow practices and activities in the goal of bringing about a sustainable society.

For more information about SDGs, please visit the United Nations Information Centre’s Homepage.


Current Initiatives


  • We are donating toys to orphanages in developing countries such as Cambodia through the Foundation for Global Children.
  • We are holding lectures at universities on the importance of toys and play.
  • We are working to create a company where women can play an active role, with maternity and child care leave, as well as those who choose to come to work with their children. (We are certified as a company that practices diverse work styles)
  • We use renewable energy to fuel our electricity.
  • We are making efforts to allow our employees to enrich their public and private lives.

    We allow work from home in the manufacturing industry.

  • We hold open factories and workshops to deepen the understanding of the region and interaction within the community.

    We have set up a store next to our factory to make the manufacturing site more visible.

    We give classes at local high schools to educate children on the meaning of work and the importance of local communities.

  • We use wood chips and other waste materials as packaging materials, and are striving to reduce waste.
  • We are actively using domestic and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.


Comomg Co., LTD. is part of the Saitama Prefecture Environmental SDGs Companies. For more information, please visit this website (Japanese only).