Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

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Nurturing independence, relationship-building skills, and imagination (creativity).

Children learn and grow through a variety of experiences through their daily play.
Independence is the ability to think and make decisions on one’s own. Relationship-building skills are necessary to successfully communicate with others, and Imagination (creativity) is the ability to sense people’s feelings and perceive of the future–these are the biggest and most important skills for children.
In fact, these skills still hold their importance after we become adults, with many of them nurtured through the act of playing in our childhood.
The toys that we provide are simple and not extravagant, so that children do not take a passive approach to playing, but can instead, get absorbed in their own play since there is a clear way of playing the toys. This makes for an easy environment for them to develop their independence, relationship-building skills, and imagination (creativity).


Wood Supply

The wood we use to make our toys consist mainly of those such as beech, maple, walnut, and zelkova. We also use environmentally friendly FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood as well as some domestic wood.
Although there are cases where we use laminated and plywood, we mainly use solid wood. Solid wood is wood that has been cut from a log in its natural state and is dried over a long period of time afterwards. There are no connecting wood joints, and each piece of wood has its own knots, color, and grain. When you hold one of our toys in your hand, we hope you can enjoy the natural grain and texture of the wood.“Machi no Ki” Project
Comomg also uses some of the trees harvested in Kawaguchi City. This is a part of our “Machi no Ki” (Town’s Trees) Project, which aims to recycle wood in the city.