Making wooden toys

Manufacture and sale of wooden toys

We manufacture and sell original wooden toys.
We foster children’s “independence,” “imagination,” and “relationship” through wooden toys.

Create a pillar of play
Make a pillar of play

Comomg toys are toys that have “only one” simple and clear way to play.
“Donguri Korokoro” descends while swaying down the slope.
Toys with only one way of playing give the child who is a player the experience of thinking about further play and developing the play naturally.

“Independence”, “imagination” and “relationship” are nurtured

As for how to play, I prepared only one that is clear and easy to understand.
I want the children who have acquired them to develop their own “play”.
Isn’t it necessary for children to play with simplicity that naturally spreads with hints from adults, siblings, and friends who play with them?
With that in mind, Comomg is making toys.

By thinking about how to play by yourself, you can develop three things: “independence,” “relationship with other companies,” and “imagination.”
I would like to make such toys the first toys that children have touched.
“Independence” to think about what you want to do.
“Relationship” to relate to the inside and outside of oneself.
And “imagination” for playing, thinking about development, stacking things, and living.
Comomg wants to nurture these three important things.

Product line-up

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Donguri Korokoro

A wooden toy with an acorn hat that walks cutely on slopes. If you tilt the base on which the acorns are placed to make a slope, you will go down the slope cutely while shaking.

Donguri Kinoko

Mushroom-like acorns are “Donguri Kinoko”. The speed of going down the slope is slower than that of a normal type acorn. By moving several different types of acorns side by side, you can create individuality in the movement and enjoy it.

Donguri Papa / Mama

Acorns in a top hat and acorns in a dumpling head. As the hat is bigger, the speed of going down the slope is slower than that of a normal acorn.

Acorn slope

It is a slope where you can play with acorns. Made from high quality beech wood, it makes a very pleasant wooden sound when the acorns go down the hill.

Limited sale 

Cat block

It is a set of building blocks with a cat motif and the cargo carried by the cat. You can enjoy various stacking methods, from simple stacking methods that even small children can do alone to complex stacking methods that adults can enjoy.


Tapnet is a wooden shoe toy that you can play with your fingers. Put the red rubber on the wooden shoes on your fingers and put your fingers in the shoes to play. When the wooden box containing the shoes is turned over, the tap dance stage begins.


It is a toy Taminy for repeated play that uses blocks as a truck load. It is a toy that you can play repeatedly by putting the truck in the back, loading it, and leaving it.

Toby & BoCo

Toby, a soldier of a sitting doll with the motif of a guard cavalry, and BoCo, a horse of Plutoy. A toy for a walk with a soldier on a horse.

Comom Doll

A wooden doll with rubber joints, Comom Doll. The casual gestures and changes in facial expressions that do not get in the way of play enrich the child’s imagination and expand the story of pretend play.


A wooden character name tag that takes advantage of the beauty of solid wood grain. We produce wooden character pin badges.